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Emerging issues in biomonitoring research

13th  BDS Biodetector Conference, Prague, Czech Republic , September 14, 2022

People concerned about possible harmful health effects in their living area due to local industrial activities, approach ToxicoWatch for a scientific study on substances of very high concern (SVHC). ToxicoWatch does (multi-year) biomonitoring studies of dioxins, PAH and PFAS mostly with bioassays. The research starts with a well-considered sampling procedure. It all starts with a secure sampling procedure. 


The second step is the application of an analysis program, which is flexible. We set up (long-term) environmental programs with a wide range of CALUX bioassays. Sample preparation for the CALUX analysis allowed a wide range of matrices so the environment can be explored on multiple levels, from the finest grain of dust to large waste deposits, from the bark of a tree to the blood serum of human population or mother milk. 


This broad applicability also means space for matrices like application of sheep wool or specific vegetation (leaves of evergreen trees/plants) as indicator of pollution.The CALUX bioassays used in our biomonitoring research are DR CALUX, PAH CALUX, ER CALUX and PFAS CALUX. The application of CALUX shows the discrepancies between the limited chemical analyses and the total toxicity approach of bioassays.  

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