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Hidden Emissions of hydrochloric acid

The Dutch Council of State has recently ruled that the management of the Waste to Energy plant REC in Harlingen has incorrectly applied the provisions concerning the subtraction of ‘measurement uncertainty’.

The ruling implies that the way in which the incinerator reduced the emissions as measured with the AMS was illegal. ToxicoWatch cannot rule out that this practice of handling the ‘measurement uncertainty’ in conflict with the IED occurs in more countries. In order to keep this excessive illegal emission hidden, the REC however bluntly subtracted by default 4 mg/Nm3 from the annually averaged values. The ruling of the Council of State implies the incinerator has for many years emitted thousands of kilos HCl in deviation of the annual emission reports. Experts doubt the incinerator will be able to reduce the hydrochloric acid emissions.

Article Measurement uncertainty and Hidden Emissions of hydrochloric acid

Original Ruling Council of States (Dutch)

Letter of European Commission

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