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The true toxic toll


Biomonitoring of waste incineration: Video by Zero waste Europe give an explanation, what biomonitoring is, how it is performed and how it can implemented in a communication with the government, media and industry.

Biomonitoring in Spanisch Basque Country



In the Northwest of Spain, just across the border of France, in the Basque Country, Euskal Herria, an incinerator has been built in the municipal district of Donostia-San Sebastián, in the place called Zubieta, finished in 2019, and coming in operation in 2020. The complexity of the chemical content of today’s household and industrial waste presents a challenge for turning modern waste into energy in (WtE) waste incinerators.  How safe are incinerators? ToxicoWatch performs biomonitoring research in the environment of the incinerator in Zubieta. 

The toxic toll of waste incineration: measuring health and environmental impacts


Zoom meeting organised by Zero Waste 

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