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Face masks and PFAS - TW research 2022


The aim of the ToxicoWatch Foundation is to raise public awareness about exposure to toxic chemicals in everyday life. Therefore, TW started the initiative to set up this pilot study on face masks based on questions:

  • Is PFAS added to face masks?

  • What are the risks for human health if PFAS is added to face masks?


This research focuses on PFAS and its many pathways into the human body via the skin, respiratory tract, mouth, lungs, eyes, nose, and the blood-brain barrier. TW initially based this research on three types of single-use face mask samples (FFP2, medical), complemented with a literature study on PFAS, toxic chemicals and textiles.


An increasing number of studies show a relationship between emerging diseases and PFAS. 

From the precautionary principle point of view, highly persistent and toxic substance as PFAS in (medical) textiles - meant to protect our health – will be discussed in this report.

Uptake oral
Uptake pulmonary
Uptake-Blood Brain Barrier
Uptake ocular
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