About the ToxicoWatch Foundation


The ToxicoWatch Foundation is dedicated to contribute to a less toxic and healthier world by advancing the science of toxicology and raising awareness of toxic substances of very high concern (SVHC).

Staff members ToxicoWatch Foundation


Abel Arkenbout

Toxicologist MSc

 CEO ToxicoWatch

Head of Research


Kirsten Bouman

Research assistant




Gert Jan Vossnack


Advisory board members


Kim H. Esbensen

Adjunct Professor 

Aalborg University

 Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland


Janna Koppe

Em. Prof. of Neonatology

University of Amsterdam, UvA


Kees Olie

Associate professor University of Amsterdam UvA




ToxicoWatch assists public concern on topics related to dioxins (POPs), hormone disruptors (EDCs), and other environmental pollutants. ToxicoWatch raises public awareness on topics of toxic hazards, health, environment, food, and lifestyle products.

ToxicoWatch wants to catalyze the transition towards sustainable development, defined as the enhancement of peace, social justice, and well-being, within and across generations in a toxic-free future.



Current work 
  • Analyses of Persistent Environmental Pollutants (POPs), PFAS, PAH and Endocrine Disturbing Compounds (EDCs) in the environment, mostly related to waste incineration

  • Biomonitoring research in Europe

  • Microbiological research in poultry

Guiding values
  • ToxicoWatch (TW) aims to function as a bridge between people, science, and government when it comes to dioxins, POPs, and waste incineration. TW performs research on dioxins with a focus on a possible sources like waste incineration emissions by carefully selecting biomarker samples in an area. 

  • Increase Scientific Impact: ToxicoWatch serves the needs of the scientific discipline of Toxicology, with respect to the health of human and animal life and the environment and in determining the risks of chemical substances

  • Enhance member engagement

  • Promote recognition of toxicology

  • Build for the future of toxicology and work towards accelerating the global implementation of advanced toxicology into chemical risk assessment.

Financial status


The ToxicoWatch Foundation is an ANBI (Algemene Nut Beogende Instelling) recognized organisation and benefits from the legal taxes associated with donations and gifts.


The Toxicowatch foundation is an organization dedicated to creating a safer and healthier world by advancing the science of toxicology.

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Grote Ossenmarkt 13,

8861 CN Harlingen,

The Netherlands


Email : info@toxicowatch.org

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